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The mission of Partnerships For Affordable Cohousing, Inc. (PFAC) is to promote and establish affordable cohousing throughout the United States.  It partners with local cohousing groups and affordable housing organizations to support affordable cohousing for low-and moderate-income households. PFAC partnerships promote, purchase, develop, finance, own and manage affordable cohousing. PFAC also provides technical assistance to existing and forming cohousing groups committed to including affordable housing for low-and moderate-income households.

PFAC achieves its mission by:

  • providing educational resources about affordable housing, cohousing and affordable cohousing;
  • providing technical assistance to cohousing groups to assist them with incorporating affordable units successfully into their existing or forming communities;
  • providing technical assistance to affordable housing projects to assist them with incorporating cohousing principles successfully into their existing or forming communities;
  • using public and private financing to support affordable homeownership and rental units in cohousing communities; 
  • partnering with and supporting local cohousing groups and affordable housing organizations to develop and build affordable cohousing communities; and
  • partnering with local banks, credit unions and private investors focused on affordable cohousing; 

Why Cohousing?

We believe that cohousing is not just about having a roof over our heads.  Cohousing is a place where people develop and grow, where ideas emerge and opportunities thrive. Cohousing is a model of community and housing development of roughly 5 to 45 residential units which have the following features: (i) intentional design to foster trust, cooperation and mutual support among residents; (ii) conscious commitment by residents to being part of a community set up for mutual benefit of the residents, which contributes significantly to resident health, safety, security, connection, social support, and accesses to resources and social capital; (iii) democratic management and control by the residents. (iv) physical design reflecting a balance of privacy and community through creation of private homes and common spaces; and (v) common spaces and facilities (such as a community house, gardens, playgrounds, and laundries) designed to encourage shared activities like community meals and gatherings as well as informal connections among residents. Because cohousing communities are democratically managed, everyone has voice.  This means that people are empowered to act, to solve problems, to make a difference. 


The mission of Partnerships for Affordable Cohousing, Inc. is to promote and establish affordable cohousing. The vision of PFAC is to create sustainable and collaborative cultures, structures and systems that produce affordable cohousing as a viable and
available housing option in the United States. The purpose of PFAC is to create partnerships between cohousing and affordable housing advocates to further affordable cohousing in mixed-income cohousing communities. PFAC’s charitable purpose is the relief of the poor and distressed or of the underprivileged, the lessening of the burdens of government, the promotion of social welfare by lessening neighborhood tensions, eliminating prejudice and discrimination, and combating community deterioration and juvenile delinquency through developing, owning, operating, managing, fostering, and otherwise facilitating the provision of social services, housing, and community development centers for low-income and moderate-income people.