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Current Projects

EcoVillage Ithaca (Ithaca, NY)
PFAC is working with the TREE neighborhood of the EcoVillage at Ithaca to integrate affordable rental units in the new development. The vision for TREE (Third Residential EcoVillage Experience) is a neighborhood of 40 small homes, which support our goals of sustainability, accessibility, and affordability. The homes will be passive solar, energy-efficient, green, affordable, and suitable for aging-in-place. TREE will be an integral part of EcoVillage at Ithaca, sharing in social events, community projects, and overall governance. Comprising an intentional community and a non-profit educational organization, the EcoVillage is developing an alternative model for suburban living which provides a satisfying, healthy, socially rich lifestyle, while minimizing ecological impacts.
Geos (Arvarda, CO)
Geos is an infill development with cohousing at its' heart. As one of the first Passive House multifamily developments in the country, Geos will create more energy than it consumes. As such, it is both an environmentally aware and economically practical way of living. Built on the model of the European village, where all resources for work, living, and play will be located within walking and/or biking distance, Geos offers an opportunity to live in community, at a reasonable price..

Charlotte Cohousing (Charlotte, NC)
Charlotte Cohousing is a forming cohousing community in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Comprising of two neighborhoods of 66 residential units and 8,000 SF of common and commercial space, Charlotte Cohousing seeks to be a sustainable model for transforming culture, environment and economy. The development team proposes to establish Charlotte Cohousing as cooperatively-owned, grid-neutral, human-scale community that is self-sufficient in food, water and renewable power production.